owner of JACQART /photography & design
JACQART by Jackie Blair is a photography service to create visual artistry with an modern, elegant yet dreamy flair. Since 2006, Jackie has been hired nationwide and internationally for weddings, portraits, photo-shoots as well as private design clients. With a Bachelor's of experience in digital media imaging and graphic design, Jackie is also a self-made designer in brand identity and a variety of projects for print and web. 

Jackie Blair is currently commissioned for design projects as well as styled photo-shoots and events, including select destination weddings, with a specialty in shooting film.

film photographer founding Fine Art with A Focus/org
Fine Art with a Focus is a business organization, founded by film photographer Jackie Blair, who has been archiving her photography collections over the span of several years in order to give back with her artistry. Imagery from each collection of fine art film photography created from a city, region, or country, will be printed and sold in a specific collection to benefit a charity from the local area with 50% of sale profits. Large and small scale pieces available for gallery representation, benefit events, and pop up shops.